Feminization Training


Princess Aries over at Mandatory-Feminization.tumblr.com does a wonderful job at Feminization Training:

I have been getting many asks about what the training entails. I will give a detailed list of what I do with sissies.

Week 0
Application (Sissy name, background info about your body weight, height, dick size, waist size, shoe size, etc.) and application fee ($100 through amazon gift card) is received.
Sissy’s request is reviewed.
Acceptance or rejection letter is sent out.
$300 fee to prevent sissies from ending their training session too short

Week 1
Restructuring mindset: hypnosis analysis, feminization psychology and elimination of masculine thought patterns.
Setting up dieting and exercise routines

Week 2
Evaluation of week 1
Outfits, chastity cage and feminine poses
Photos of sissy faggot’s body progress due
Purchase outfit and chastity cage

Week 3
Evaluation of week 2
Photos of outfit and chastity due
Purchase poppers, buttplug and dildos
Daily anal training
Videos of anal training due

Week 4
Evaluation of week 3
Figuring out makeup
Purchase makeup
Photos of makeup, outfits, dildo, and popper hypno training due

Week 5
Evaluation of week 4
Meeting a man who will fuck you on cam
Get a sleazy motel room
Record yourself being degraded and fucked by an Alpha male
The best trainees will be selected to be recommended to @tiatizziannifeminization for further training and porn production.

Whatever is listed may not include all forms of training. Lessons will be modified based on the needs of the trainee.

Send all inquiries to Mandatoryfeminization@gmail.com


Feminization Training Videos over at PornHub: