Hypnosis Loop 13 – Pussy Free Forever

It’s time to give up pussy forever, sissy. You’re not worthy of having sex with a woman, and you never will be. Just lie back, listen to my voice, and take the final plunge into a pussy-free lifestyle. 

This file
contains 25 minutes of  powerful brainwashing for committed sissy sluts only.

Women are utterly superior to you, sissy. They’re goddesses to be worshiped and obeyed, but never lusted after. Pretty girls don’t want a limp-dick sissy bitch in their bedrooms. They want tall, masculine studs to fuck them good and proper.

Pussy is off limits to you from now on. That’s right, sissy. No more looking. No more touching. And certainly no more fucking. It’s not natural for a sissy to have sex with a woman. You’re a pussy-free sissy from here on out.

In fact, pussies are quite frightening to little sissies like you. They’re powerful, dangerous clitty-crushers that you would never attempt to penetrate. You’ll come to be disgusted by vaginas, to the point that you don’t want to think of them. You’ll even begin to mentally censor out pussies in the porn you watch.

Instead of pussy, you’ll focus your thoughts on throbbing cock. The thought of getting fucked by a well-hung stud makes you forget all about scary vaginas. The more you daydream about big cock, the further pussy is purged from your sissy brain.

By the end of this file, you’ll become an even more sissified girly girl than ever before. Commit to becoming pussy free forever.


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